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Silica Matting Agent Customers Project Case

Return Visits: Date:2018-09-17 14:11:38

Project time: 2017-06-20

Dongjun Material: DJ-153 Matting agent, DJ-156C Matting agent

Application coating: Wooden PU coating

Project location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


1. Use our DJ-153 or DJ-156C into dispersion machine or solvent container, and then high speed for dispersing after totally disperse, dispersion speed or time is usually under 8 - 10 m/s, 15 mins, the additive dosage is 3 - 20%.

2. Our series of Matting agent is easy to disperse, no suggest to grind, in order not to make it disperse overly, can add it at any process, even can add at last to adjust the gloss. If for water based series coating with adding sensitive thickener, we don’t suggest it add at last, to avoid to destroy the system because of high temperature.

3. Customers know well it is very important to choose matting agent , in order to have good matting performance, as during the solvent volatilize, matting agent will have a orientation arrangement, so we will also suggest the surface arrangement additive matching with the counter matting agent.

Customers application photos: