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Epoxy 3D Floor Coating Project Case

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                                                   Epoxy 3D Floor Coating System



Time : 2017-10-20

Location: Sri lanka

Primer coat Recommendation Model: DJ6610A, DJ6610B

Under Coat Recommendation Model: DJ6620A, DJ6630B

Top coat Recommendation Model: DJ6630A, DJ6630B

Data sheet:

Drying timeTouch dry:2 hours, Hard dry:2 days
Compressive Strength(Mpa)68
Impact Resistance Strength(kg.cm)65
Flexural Strength(Mpa)
Adhesive Force Grade1
Pencil Hardness(H)3
Abrasion Resistance(750/1000r,zero gravity,g)≤0.03
Resistance to engine oil, diesel oil for 60 daysNo change
Resistance to 20% sulfuric acid for 20 daysNo change
Resistance to 20% sodium hydroxide for 30 daysNo change
Resistance to toluene ,ethanol for 60 daysNo change
Service Life8-10 years


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