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E-308 Silica Matting Agent Customers Project Case

Return Visits: Date:2019-05-29 14:32:53

Project time: 2020-01-11

Dongjun Material: E-308 Silica Matting agent,  E-1011 Silica Matting agent

Application coating: Wooden PU coating

Project location: Foshan, Guangdong, China

Customers application photos:

See Photo 1:  Same solvent with our Grade E-1011 and E-380 Matting agent, this is the finished color paint                          added matting agent, and put for one hour, you see, no little settlement.            


See Photo 2:  Use wet film equipment, coat 50um film thickness varnish paint film, particle size and                                      transparence are excellence, and E-1011 gloss is 10 degree,E-380 gloss is 7 degree. 

Conculsion:   Base on our new series silica matting agent, we improve the transparence performance,

                      special with super smooth hand feeling for nowadays modern or classic furniture wooden


                      E-380 and E-1011 Silica Matting agent both have good fineness particle size and transparence.

                     Under same status, the matting performance of E-380 is better.