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Metallic epoxy floor coating

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Metallic epoxy floor coating


The Metallic Pigments are special effect pigments composed of mica nano‐particles coated with various organic and inorganic pigments to create pearlescent and iridescent effects that mimic the natural look of stone and rock formations. These unique pigments are designed to be field blended with a 100% solids clear epoxy binder and, where required, water clear epoxy binder. When the metallic particles are mixed with epoxy they give the coating a shine that reflects light and creates an eye catching dramatic color.

For the whole process of Epoxy Resin floor systems,there are 3 sets which is enough for floor coating and painting ,these are belows. It is the perfect finish for any floor, our 100% Solid Epoxy Resin is not only ideal for Industrial and Commercial projects but also for Domestic areas such as kitchens, living areas and bathrooms. Its high gloss finish reflects light beautifully thus visually enhancing the look, style, appearance and size of any room. Mixed together with our Metallic Pigment you can create a unique one of a kind floor tailored to your individual tastes and requirements.

What makes this product ideal is its strength and bonding characteristics not only hard wearing, easy to clean but also creates a flawless finish unlike tiles with grout lines. With a minimum depth of 4-5mm and its self-levelling properties installing this product couldn’t be easier making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Watch our installation video and see for yourself.

Coverage Data Sheet

DJ-3327  Epoxy Primer1mm0.15kgs10kgs  A+5kgs B
DJ-3328  Epoxy Middle Coat2mm0.75kgs10kgs  A+5kgs B
DJ-3329  Epoxy Topcoat1mm0.15kgs10kgs  A+5kgs B

How to use

1.Weigh A and B glue according to the given weight ratio into the prepared cleaned container, fully mixed the mixture again the container wall by clockwise, place it along for 3 to 5 minutes, and then it can be used.

2.Take the glue according to the usable time and dosage of mixture to avoid wasting. When the temperature is below 15 ℃, pleaseheat A glue to 30 ℃ first and then mix it to the B glue (A glue will be thicken in low temperature ); The glue must be sealed lid after use to avoid rejection caused by moisture absorption.

3.When the relative humidity is higher than 85%, the surface of the cured mixture will absorb moisture in the air, and form a layer of white mist in the surface, so when the relative humidity is higher than 85%, is not suitable for room temperature curing, suggest to use the heat curing.

Metallic Color in Powder

In common,we will mix DJ-3328 epoxy middle coat with the metallic color in powder and pure color in liquid,here we have got part colors for your reference.

1kg color pigments can mix with 50kgs of DJ-3328 


Applied for professional epoxy coating and painting on the ground construction,especially for concrete and cement floor as below,

Retails Store

Residential Living Spaces





Shopping Malls 

Parking Lots 

Playing Grounds 

Wine Cellar 

Auto Repairing Shops 

Kitchen Bathroom 

Product Packing

DJ-3327 epoxy primer ,5kgs/barrel.15kgs/set

DJ-3328 epoxy middle coat,mix with metallic color pigments ,5kgs/barrel.15kgs/set

DJ-3329 epoxy topcoat,5kgs/barrel.15kgs/set

Metallic color pigments,1kg/bag.25kgs/carton

Form diagram:

Application diagram:

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