Silica Matting agent

  • Silica Matting agent-For water based Coating 
Silica Matting agent-For water based Coating 

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Silica Matting Agent - For water based Coating 

Application performance:

Water based industry coating ,  Water based furniture coating, Water based decoration coating and Water based oil ink

Product description:

High hydrophilic, excellence dispersion performance and anti-settlement, to make it easy to disperse in water based system, its bigger pore volume, 

Improved its matting effection.


High matting performance

Excellence dispersion

Good suspension

Excellence transparence

Smooth hand-feeling

Package and storage:

10kg/bag. Store at cool,dry and closed environment.

GradeAverage Particle Size
(Malvern, um)
Pore volume
Loss on drying
≤ 10%
Loss on cauterant
≤ 10%
pH value
(5% water suspension)
Oil absorption
Surface treatmentSio2(dry)
DJ-5104.51.8566 - 8260 - 300organic≥99
DJ-5204.5 – 52.0576 - 8250 - 280organic≥99
DJ-5235.5 – 6.02.05116 - 8230 -270wax≥99

Packaging drawings:

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