Zinc Stearate

  • Zinc Stearate - Paint Grade
Zinc Stearate - Paint Grade

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Zinc Stearate – Paint Grade


Molecular formula: Zn(C17H35COO)2

Molecular weight: 631

Physical and chemical properties:

White fine powder, nontoxic, it easily absorbs the moisture in the air.


1). Good transparency, which can keep a better transparency of the coating. 

2). Good fineness, dispersion and anti-sinking properties.

3). Unique drying and synergetic extinction effect.


20kg net paper bag.

Storage and Handling: Storage and transport under shady, cool and ventilated environment; Avoid acid, alkali and corrosive substances. Keep it away from the humidity, hotness, fire and corrosion.


Widely used in furniture coating especially for NC paint, with good economic factor, also have good anti-foaming, anti-sinking and polishing properties.

GradeAppearanceMelting Point(℃)Free fatty acid (%)Zinc oxide%Bulk density
Particle size (μm)
CS-1White micron powder115 - 125≤1.08.0~10.01.09≤35
CS-2White micron powder115 - 125≤0.810.8 ~13.81.09≤40

Packaging drawings:

Oxide Powder