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For Paper Vanish & Oil Ink

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Acrylic emulsion for Paper Vanish & Oil Ink


Water-based waterproof vanish light oil for cartons is made by the environmental acrylic emulsion with special performance , extract water inside and scientifically distribute with related additives, suitable for coating printing and flexo printing machine polishing, mainly applied in maganize,box,prints,calander,paper bag moisture-proof, waterproof, antifreeze, anti-slip requirement of paper base material glazing, it has excellent waterproof, seepage prevention, prevent slippery effect notable effect of lotus leaf.

Technical parameters

Appearancemilk white translucent liquid
Solid content42±1%
Viscosity40 ~ 50 seconds (25 ℃ tu 4 # cup)
PH value8.5±0.5
Abrasion resistance≥300±100 times / 2 pounds
Water resistance≥8 level

Use method and matters needing attention:

1. According to the conditions of use and you can add a moderate amount of diluent (water) or a mixture of alcohol and water (1 to1:5) dilution to dilute.To achieve gloss and waterproof requirement, according to the situation of paper and cardboard box,coating varnish oil and diluent for about 5 ~ 10%, flexo printing machine polishing you should use concentrated solution, if in use process when light oil viscosity is too high, you should add the right amount of diluent to adjust suitable viscosity.

2.Oil amount should meet the paper surface for the principle, if dilute excessively,it will affect gloss, abrasion resistance and flow property; Whereas inadequate dilution will caused bad oil flow property and the drying speed will be too slow.

3.Oil amount depending on the paper quality and waterproof requirement, general coating machine, flexo printing machine for cartons 3 to 5/m2

4.Drying methods: You can use infrared , hot air or heating pipe to dry. During the drying equipment running, temperature on header must above 70 ℃.

5.After 12 hours ,polishing various properties of light oil can reach the best state, after completely dry, it will possess very good waterproof, seepage prevention, slippery resistance properties.

6.You can clean equipment with water, dried light oil can be cleaned by isopropyl alcohol or alcohol.

Packing and storage: 

50 kg plastic barrels, seal stored in shady and cool place, one year warranty.

Packaging drawings:

Form diagram:

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