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  • Epoxy Emulsion( water based)
Epoxy Emulsion( water based)

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Epoxy Emulsion

CS Series Epoxy Emulsion has small particle size, stable, endurance to water and chemicals.Special for anti-corrosion metal primer, it can be into air-dry or low temperature baking,paint, its paint film shows outstanding drying and anti-corrosion performance.


●Stable storage, Excellence adhesion Grade: 1

●Resistance to salt-fog(100-1500hrs base on formula adjustment), fast surface dry.

●High gloss and long application period.

Data Sheet

AppearanceEmulsion white viscosity liquidEmulsion white viscosity liquid
Solid content75%55%
Curing TemperatureNormal temperature or BakingNormal temperature or Baking


It is well to be solved in water into white emulsion, and can be oxidation-induced cross-linking dried under normal temperature after adding oil base or water base catalyst, and also can be dried under low temperature.

With oil based catalyst, it need to added butanol or alcohol to dilute

We can also match our Catalyst CS-DRO1 into resin, dosage is 8%. Paint film can be dried fast,tack free is 20 mins, actual dry is 4 hrs, after 24hrs into ideal strength. CS-103 is direct to grind with color paste, shows excellence shear stability.


During water based epoxy emulsion operation, we need control well the primer operation way and environment moisture, because water based epoxy contain water, so during the operation,the steel panel is easy to corrosion, so after painting the first primer, we need make it thin on the paint-film, and let water evaporation, and also choose low moisture environment to operate As water based epoxy emulsion has good dispersion and container hydrophilic material,resistance to water and resistance to salt-fog is our Dongjun Chemical control main points. Now we can make them up to 1500hrs. Of course, it is up to customers anti-corrosion demand.

Our Series of epoxy and acrylic can be applied on different types metal surface.

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